Resuscitation Training 2018

Life support programme in North and East of Srilanka- 2018 Update

In the developed countries like UK, if someone has a cardiac arrest, the patient is immediately resuscitated by ambulance staff, hospital staff or even by the public who are trained in cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and, often many lives are saved.

The lack of above facilities, essential equipment and the required knowledge and skill of resuscitation, in the North and East of Srilanka, prompted Jaffna medical Faculty Overseas Alumni UK (JMFOA -UK) to organise the resuscitation training programme in 2014.

JMFOA purchased the essential equipment namely manikins, training defibrillators, Airways equipment, and resuscitation manuals and trained the doctors and nurses in the teaching hospital in Jaffna and Batticaloa, and peripheral hospitals.

The teaching and training included

  • 1. Recognising deteriorating patient and preventing cardiorespiratory arrest
  • 2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation including use of Automatic external defibrillator (AED)

The training was well received and appreciated by the doctors, nurses and medical students.

In total we were able to train staff in twenty five hospitals.

Dr Parthipan, past president and the committee members organised and coordinated many visits by the resuscitation team once or twice every year. Each visit lasted about two weeks.

The resuscitation team was lead by Dr Vetpillai, ALS instructor and emergency physician.

The following doctors took part and helped in running the teaching programme successfully:

Dr Ranjadayalan, cardiologist, Dr Srilogarajah, anaesthetist, Dr Tharshika Santhalingam, Paediatrician, Dr.Dinakaran, emergency physician, Dr. Dayani Mathyalagan, anaesthetist, Dr Sathialingam, anaesthetist, Late Dr Mrs Sathialingam, anaesthetist Dr Dominic Johnpillai and Dr Jasmina Perinpanayagam, anaethesist.

Dr Sathialingam was also instrumental in organising the simulation lab at the teaching hospital,Jaffna.

These training programmes at various hospitals were well assisted by many volunteers like Dr Ula Mahadeva, Dr Mrs Vetpillai, Mr Mathuramani and Mr Rajan.

To continue the training and practising this resuscitation programme, the staff in these hospitals needed manikins, Automatic external defibrillators etc.

In addition, we recognised that many lives were lost due to lack of essential medical equipment like nebulisers, monitors, syringe pumps, suction pumps etc.

Funds were raised by JMFOA through staging musical programmes yearly along with individual donations from well-wishers.

With the fund raised, JMFOA was able to purchase and donate essential equipment as required by the various hospitals- to name a few, 27 defibrillators, 26 patient Monitors 3 ECG machines, 30 Nebulisers. As urgent request was made by Thirukovil hospital, a steriliser was donated to enable the hospital to function effectively.

The medical faculty celebrated the 40 th anniversary with a medical exhibition inviting thousands of students from schools in North.

JMFOA took this opportunity to train medical students in Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation and use of Automatic defibrillator. A stall was set up to train school children and the public in basic life support, supervised by members of JMFOA-UK.

Finally, we are confident that the teaching and training of doctors, nurses and medical students in resuscitation organised by JMFOA has helped to improve the care of ill patients and save many lives by prompt resuscitation.

We thank you all for helping us to run this life support programme successfully.

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