Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas alumni - UK


This is a Non-Profit, Non-Political Organisation

Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas alumni - UK

Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas Alumni is a Non-Political and  Non-Profit organization. JMFOA-UK is founded by the graduates and former teachers of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, Srilanka.  We formed JMFOA-UK with the intention of helping our faculty, hospitals, their staff and our people back home.  Our objective is the relief of sickness and the preservation and promotion of good health for the public benefit in Sri Lanka. Our projects were initially centered on teaching and training, but our current Resuscitation Project also involves donating vital life-saving equipment (see Projects page); we have also supported infrastructural projects.  Read More


Our Projects

Our focus is to promote the standards of Jaffna Medical Faculty as well as local hospitals in Sri Lanka. JMFOA-UK is committed to serving our local community via various projects.

In the past year we have expanded the coverage of our Resuscitation Project from 14 to 25 hospitals

Our main objective is to support undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Jaffna medical Faculty and Teaching Hospital Jaffna.

A Free Health Advisory Service in Tamil

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